Now Hiring

Team Inazuma is looking for an athletic and mentally sharp person to work in the exciting job of a scaffolder (足場鳶 – あしばとび). Work days are flexible, starting at one day a week, up to six days a week. The applicant will preferably have experience in team sports or martial arts. Work hours are typically from 8am to 6pm, with a 20-minute break at 10am and 3pm, and an hour for lunch at noon. Japanese JLPT 4 or equivalent is required, and will be determined by interview. We regret we cannot serve as a visa sponsor.

Team Inazuma raises and lowers temporary structures for the purpose of renovating or constructing buildings. Over the course of your work, you will be dispatched to sites within the metropolitan Tokyo region, giving you the chance to explore new neighborhoods. No previous scaffolding experience required – you will receive training with the more experienced members of the team.

The part time nature of the job allows people time for other pursuits – our team includes two world-class Taiko drummers, a local film actor, and a multilingual Aikido black belt, all enjoying the flexible work hours, the supplementary income, and the opportunity to train physically on a team in a job with roots extending over 1000 years back to the Asuka period in Japan. There being no more samurai, we believe that in the spirit of this job that we are the inheritors and preservers of the Old Spirit of Japan – the Yamatodamashii.

Join us for an exciting dive into heart of Japan.

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