Walking Posture Check

When walking, heel should contact first, but with soft impact, and smoothly rolling forward. Make sure that all toes, from the big toe to the little toe, on both feet, are articulating with equal pressure, even if you are wearing shoes. Note that this has the effect of placing your feet in line with where they extend from the pelvis, causing them to track in parallel lines. However, being told to try to move your feet in parallel with toes pointed forward will cause you to confirm your posture by looking downward. It’s better to use the internal reference point.

Float knees forward – the knees should feel like they are moving in a horizontal plane. Relax the pelvis, somewhat sitting into a stride. Relax shoulders downward, activating latissimus dorsi to confirm that shoulders are in down. Arms should swing freely in parallel with the direction of motion, awareness extending out to all the fingertips. The combined effect of the shoulders being down and arms swinging in parallel has the effect of expanding the chest region and improving breathing. I think this is what people mean when they advise people to “push your chest out,” but it is incorrect to think of pushing your chest out, because of the strain that it puts on your shoulders.

Head should be balanced on the neck, eyes looking forward. Ears back and alert. Eyes and corners of the mouth smiling. Breathing even. Emotional state relaxed. Happy.

Confirm that over all posture is erect and comfortable.

Maintain all scanned areas in awareness and repeat scan from the feet up.

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