Ode to Tokyo

Trains from Narita pass fertile fields of rice,
Buildings growing taller,
Inviting to explore,
Promising anything.
In a conversation silence is allowed to happen,
Being alone without being lonely is possible.
A place to dance with friends or strangers all night,
And train martial arts at dawn.
Where people live in a mansions!
(They call apartments mansions.)
At Starbucks they hand things over with both hands, like to royalty!
Where I have worked on 12-story scaffolds, which sway gently in the wind,
So helped to build
A backdrop for friendships and romances.
Where old friends are just down the street,
Or new friends are at the next dinner,
Where in the sea of people, kindred spirits are looking for you, too.
And when you find each other, maybe
Take a train to hike snowy forests in the winter,
And swim cool rivers in the summer,
To picnic under a rain of cherry blossoms,
Or bicycle in wooded paths with orange and yellow all around.
As friends moved away,
Made space for new friends,
Felt poorer in parting,
(As we enriched ourselves through exchange)
Became pieces of a whole,
So fell in love with Tokyo.

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