The Bridge

We are a bridge between who we are and who we will become. The man who neglects his body to nourish his soul will see his body whither. There is no dichotomy. The body and the soul must work together. For unhealthy people, exercise is one of the most spiritual things they can do, because it will silence all of the messages that the body is sending to the brain, saying “I’m uncomfortable.”

In order for there to be up-going, there must be down-going: an attendance to the body that is our foundation. To cantilever a bridge out to the distant shore, a we must make a firm foundation at the current shore. A bridge’s value lies in the commerce between the two points that it connects. It is a fallacy both to spend too much time on the foundation and to neglect it for the goal.

Biological evolution results in patchwork changes like the panda’s thumb, which evolved after thumbs had been lost in carnivora and is really an elongated wrist bone. So, too with our intellectual evolution, as we make each day build incrementally on the previous one. The key element is constant tinkering and searching. There are no fresh starts, no mistakes. It is wrong to look to the fresh start – like revolutions that put revolutionaries in power who are just as corrupt as those they deposed, or new year’s resolutions made every year and broken. We must free ourselves to start from where ever we are.

Today is that bridge from where we have been, to where we want to be.

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