When you love something, you want other people to love it, too, but knowing that not everyone will feel as you do, you can keep it safe in your heart, a private dream, to be shared at the right time, with the right people.

The light that shines within is like magma in a snow-capped and forested volcano. It is the very origin of the mountain itself, but lies glowing inside, invisible, until the time comes when it should burst forth, for the mountain to reshape itself.We can be sitting down, but standing up inside.

Similarly, we can hold serenity in chaos. The eye of the hurricane is a region of peace in the midst of organized chaos. It is a low-pressure area, feeding and fed by the swirling air around it. The swirling mass of rain and wind is what we see, but its very existence is made possible by the peace of the eye inside.

When the pressure inside and outside a hurricane equalize, it dies. When the volcano loses its internal heat, it dies. They are alive as long as there is a difference between the outside and the inside.

I sing the praises of the dry cleaning man who is a black belt with 40 years experience, the construction worker who is a world-class taiko drummer, the corporate paralegal who is a competitive ballroom dancer, the publishing clerk who is an amateur gymnast, the corporate man who is an expert yachtsman, the dancer who choreographs for children by day and for international dance festivals by night, the famous designer hiding in plain view, because people do not imagine that the smiling and unassuming one who is like a child could be the same person as the designer.

You are my role models. I love you.

This is a prayer that we can protect our happinesses and share them with our friends and family. Being able to do this is to truly feel at home.

Until such time, a private dream, an inner happiness, will only make us more alive, like the volcano or hurricane. We can be at once shadow and light, like Batman and Bruce Wayne, each aspect making the other possible.

Let us remember our dreams and loves. Let us protect them with the serenity of the eye of the hurricane, or the violence of the quiet snowy mountain forest.

We are not ostentatious, we are not secretive, but hide our superpowers in plain sight, to the envy or admiration of the perceptive, where we can easily summon them.

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