Early morning last Sunday, I heard someone knocking gently but determinedly at the door in successive waves as I drifted in and out of sleep. As I woke, I realized that it was not a knocking at the door but rather the running of children up and down the hallway outside of my door. I wanted to sleep, but I checked the clock – just as well. It was 8:30 and breakfast would be served until 9:30.

My crankiness was tempered by the realization that the children must feel. It has been a hot summer. There hallway was air-conditioned. It had no obstructing furniture. They must have felt like they were in a utopia. I, too, when I was a child, and faced with large indoor spaces, like to run, too.

Like dogs when they are unleashed in Hoasõa Park on the grassy knoll – they run to and fro, they cavort with other dogs and other dog’s owners, and they freely use the bathroom with abandon. Utopia.

Isn’t that what we’re all working for – that euphoria that comes when we can run free?

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