Monthly Archives: November 2016

Intersection of Dreams

People come and go.
For love of music, we are here.
Tomorrow we go back to fight it out with the world.
Home gives us strength and love.
Let us shelter each other here for a song.
Simple in giving.
We give each other this dance.
From different places.
To different places.
Here now together at a beautiful and fragile intersection of dreams.

Taking Pulse

An police officer I met at martial arts practice told me this. He doesn’t like to arrest people for minor offenses, like driving without a license, “if I catch someone driving without a license, I’ll say, you can call someone who has a license, and I’ll wait here with you, and they can come here and drive you home, and I’ll let you off with a warning.”

He says he know some of these guys make 200 dollars a month, and if he were to write them up, they have to pay for the fine, they’d have to pay to get their car unimpounded, and they be in a lot worse a situation – like having to steal to get by.

They remember him, and they’re greatful. Then, some time later he’ll be going after a really bad guy, and he calls on his people for leads. And he’ll protect his sources. “They don’t need to know how I knew.”

I thought – this is a good cop. He knows the people he is charged with protecting, and knows when to use discretion.


Supporters of Donald Trump see themselves as reasonable people. They take instances of the extreme left, label it liberalism, put all liberals together there, and then say, that’s not who we are.

Liberals need to be careful that they are not doing the same thing with conservatives.

It’s time to stop name-calling, time to talk about issues and their effects. Time to remember democratic principles of non-violence for which Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Once summed up by my Psychology teacher Mark Cunningham has the One Asshole Rule: if the other guy is being an asshole, let there be only one asshole.