Monthly Archives: June 2018

Found Out

This morning, I had the urge to bike to the customer, despite the rain. It was the first time.

Reminiscent of when I was working on construction sites in Tokyo, and would bring a suit in a bag. After work, I would wash my face, change into a suit, put my dirty work clothes in the suit bag, and go to interview for jobs at technology firms. Let them think I was just coming back from a business trip.

Today I biked to the customer a rain suit, changed into dry clothing after I got there, and hid everything in my backpack, which was dry because I had worn it under my rain jacket. Then I called my customer.
“Yo B, I’m here, waiting for you in the lobby.”

“Ok, I’ll be right down…”

My customer came down.

“Hey! Is it raining that hard?”

“Well, it is a bit.”

“Do you not have an umbrella?”

“I do, but I guess I still got a bit wet.”

“Did you… Bicycle here?”

“How did you know?”

“You mentioned cycling before. Hey, let’s find you a hair dryer. You’ll catch a cold.”

“Yeah, I was wearing a rain suit, but on my head only a bicycle helmet.”

“We have a shower room – I think there’s a dryer there.”

“Whoa, you have a shower?”

“The building codes require it. It for emergencies like chemical spills, but people generally use it to wash up after their commute.”

“That’s very cool.”

Thinking to myself – next time I can go stealth by biking here early and using the shower.

Early Summer Dusk

Early summer dusk, the colors of the sky changing as I type. This special moment where the changes come fast and visible. Pay attention. Life happens fast.

The last dusk I spent outside was in Tokyo, in a park in my old neighborhood, reflecting on impressions of Japan with an Aikido friend from Kazakhstan. His as a first time visitor, mine as a resident on a brief return.

At dusk,
At dawn,
At the moment a storm’s come or gone;
In birth,
In death,
In an awakening breath;
Change begets change,
And each is a window to new possibilities
Unfolding in visions in thoughts’ interstices.
Lord show me the way.