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The greatest energy: thought
The greets devotion: my body and my time
The greatest risk: though I may give myself, I may not be accepted
The greatest reward: the world vibrating in harmony with my intent
My salvation: all is dust. We are merely shadows in time.
My courage: the taste of reward.
What gives me pause: confusing shadows for what is solid.
The greatest lie: what other people say is important.
The greatest truth: hearing the voice of the ancestors.
When I am lost: I feel the ground beneath me to find myself.
My Communion: I breathe Gaia’s breath
My Fasting: I refuse the lie of progress
My Feast: rejoicing in a shared smile.
My Baseline: I will laugh in the face of death, and fear it not, as I have friends on the other side.
To make love to a woman is to use her for pleasure even as you are being used.
To make love to the world is to move through it unhurriedly as you caress the contours of reality and dive into the rapids.
Hold onto the oars, but surrender to the currents.
Watch where you look, as your path will follow your gaze.
I can give nothing but myself.
I worship Creation with my body.
The aim of practice is to discipline ones thoughts, and lessen the distance between intent and resonance.

Just Do It

My friend Frank told me: “All piano pieces are a thing unto themselves. Nothing can prepare you for a piece. You should just jump in and start learning.”

I thought about the wide applicability of this statement, not just to piano pieces, but relationships, jobs, trips to new places, learning to converse in a foreign language – each is a thing unto itself. Nothing can really prepare you for it. You just have to jump in and start learning.
Often, though, we put of jumping in and try to learn by proxy, but reading books on dating will not prepare you for the exhilarations and disappointments of a relationship, a college education will not prepare you for looking for a job and marketing your abilities, travel guides will not tell you where the secret quite spots are, and memorizing lots of grammar will not enable you to converse in a foreign language.
Theory and practice operate in two different realms. Music theory is not the same as playing the piano.
Knowledge and instinct operate in two different realms. Knowledge of ten dance steps doesn’t enable you to dance.
And how you learn a difficult section, Frank explained, “Start with the last note of a section, then play the note before it, then play the note before it, and just keep adding notes.”
Just do it.

Instinct, Consciousness, and Love

More definitions:

Instinct: Wisdom of the ancestors or experience, instantly accessible.

Consciousness: Self-awareness. Meta-awareness of one’s own habits and biases that exist in instinct. Ability to reprogram these habits and biases based on experience.

Love: To incorporate another person’s patterns of consciousness into one’s own. When this is mutual, the love develops into one consciousness living in two bodies.