Reducing Nearsightedness (Myopia)

I have gradually reduced the refractive power in my glasses in right eye from -6 to -3.75 diopters over the course of six years. (My left eye, slightly better, has also kept pace.) It began accidentally as I used my reduced-power computer glasses for general use, and found my prescription improved, and now I am doing it more intentionally. The past six months have brought a 0.5 diopter improvement. It is possible to reduce your lens power by this method:

The basic idea is to gradually reduce the refractive power and astigmatism in each eye, while equalizing the power in each eye. In fact the legal requirement to drive in many places is not 20/20. In my native state of Georgia in the USA, for example, it is 20/60 in one eye.

Tune your general use glasses to less than 20/40 Snellen, and your eyes will improve. It’s that simple.

You may find yourself buying a new pair of glasses every few months. Here is a coupon for $5 off glasses from to help you. My last two pairs cost less than USD $30 total, including shipping.