Thoughtless Act

At my friend’s house, I wanted to warm up my cup of coffee, so I put it into the microwave, closed the door, and looked at the control panel. I was bewildered by the writing on the control panel. All the presets and numbers. A feeling of being annoyed bubbled up. I pushed a button to head it off. The microwave turned on and started warming my coffee. Surprised, I looked more closely at the button. It was labeled “milk or beverages” – I had pressed the correct preset. Evidently, I had pressed the correct button before consciously registering how the button was labeled.

Thank you, subconscious. What else can you tell me today?


One thought on “Thoughtless Act

  1. machinegunmama

    That’s awesome. Two days ago I was standing up eating a hot dog in my kitchen, when without even thinking about why, I pulled my shirt up above my stomach and started playing with my shirt. Not even 10 seconds later my hot dog dripped a huge glob of ketchup right on my stomach! My shirt was thankful 🙂


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